Thursday, August 31, 2006

Farm Journal's Country Cooking...

The Farm Journal Country Cookbook from 1959 boasts over '1000 tested recipes'. While my picture shows the pan underneath, the Pineapple muffins didn't turn out too badly. Pineapple was only one of several variations on a basic muffin recipe. Others I did not have the guts to try included: Bacon-Mushroom, Damson Preserves, Grapenut (yes, the cereal), Ground Beef (why would anyone do this?) and Mint Jelly. I forgot - of course there was a prune variation also. Prunes, readers will remember, show up in just about every vintage cookbook.

These were tasty, but not fancy. They were utilitarian and filling. Perhaps I spent too long imagining myself on a farm making these. My wondering stopped there, as I can't imagine myself doing farm chores!

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