Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cookbook Motherlode

Yes, my husband and I had another date today at the antique stores. I found my ultimate antiquing fantasy: a store with an entire wall of cookbooks. There was also several boxes and shelves of pamphlets and smaller cookbooks. The lovely owner said she had dreamed of a shop that was all cookbooks, but branched out to keep up with online antiquing. A shop filled with only cookbooks is my dream also, though the selling of them would be a problem for me.

I picked up many books at a discount - she offered me this sale when she realized how excited I was. Thanks to my almost finished inventory I had a wish list in the series I really wanted. I found quite a few I was missing, and plus learned of many MORE I NEED. This one for example, from 1984. I think this has to be the best cover in all my collection.

Lots of self-help articles (I read many women's magazines and save recipes - is anyone surprised?) encourage people to find a happy place in their mind when they are stressed. This antique store in Forest Park Illinois - Little Treasures at 7502 1/2 West Madison St., has become one of mine.


the Zone Lawrence Public Library YA Services said...

Aren't those the two guys in that old 80's Old El Paso commercial, remember? NEEEWWW YOOORRRK!!!
LOL I swear they are!

Amy said...

Of course - I thought they were familiar. Didn't they say "New York City?" Does anyone know?