Sunday, October 15, 2006

Candy Crazy

We went Fall crazy this weekend. First, we went to a pumpkin farm and selected an oddly shaped very expensive pumpkin which may get smashed on our stoop. But - we got great pictures of my son. Then we enjoyed some overpriced yet delicious treats at their cafe. Fun was had by all. On the way out, we spotted rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate and put on sticks. After our candy making success last weekend we confidently decided we could do this and stopped off at the craft store on the way out. Here is the result. While you may not see this in boutiques, we are pretty happy with the results.

We also purchased taffy apple supplies and pumpkin pie ingredients. This means two things. One, we love fall. Two, I am procrastinating some new freelance deadlines! (also three, time to exercise some more!) I'm also entered in a craft fair and am avoiding working on the 24 runners in process around my house right now.

My husband actually entered the contest with the mint cheesecakes. That variation was his idea, and he wrote the short essay. It will be very funny if he wins a cooking competition before me! However, the prize for that one is a gift certificate to my favorite department store, so I'll benefit if he does!

I'm reading James Owen's Here There Be Dragons. I have to review it this week. It's very good, and ties in all kinds of great fantasy references. Fantasy fans will love this one. I met Mr. Owen in New Orleans in June and he was very impressive - he draws his own illustrations too. I often think I'd be happy if I had one talent I was truly excellent at, instead of dabbling at several interests. This man has two such talents at least.


James A. Owen said...

Cool. Let me know where the review goes up, and I'll post a link to it.

Amy said...

Welcome, James. This is definitely a blog highlight! I have the same wrong impression many of my teens do that no one reads anything I post on the internet. Good thing it wasn't a cooking disaster day. :)

I am not sure when the next Teenreads update will be as they just did one but I will leave a note on your blog when I find out.