Thursday, July 05, 2007

So Many Cookbooks, So Little Time to Cook

I've been away at ALA in DC, and the week after was spent recovering and cleaning up. I did meet many fabulous authors, visited with friends, and talked until I was hoarse. However, there is always time for new cookbooks.

I also fit in a movie with my family; Ratatouille! This was such a great movie, plus it made us all hungry. Then when I should have been working on my next mystery column, I found myself searching to see if there was a matching cookbook for the movie - Guess What?

What a great little cookbook, too; including Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae, Django's Dirt Cake, Colette's Crepes and more. The pizzas that look like rat faces even look good. My son was looking at this tonight with me as it just arrived from Amazon, and said 'It's good to try new foods.' You'd think he'd be wary after cooking with me, but no!

I've also read a ton, including the fabulous The Next Thing On My List by Jill Smolinski. It makes me want to get a list together and start doing it.

Guess what I ate the first night I made it home from ALA? From the Bettter Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book 'for the Hostess & Host of tomorrow', 1963:

If you are new to this blog: I'm obsessed with S'mores, or 'some-mores' as they are called here.

Some poor unsuspecting person donated a ton of old cookbooks to my library, and staff alerted me to go scan them. I got a great 'ethnic' Italian cookbook that is totally inaccurate - can't wait to start posting about it; and several other gems from the 1960's.
More soon!

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