Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More on Jinny

"As Jinny walked out of the old stone building, her feet hardly touched the ground, but at the thought of Joe Grant, her steps lagged. If only he could appreciate the way she felt about working in the library!"
Several of the staff here at the library are reading this one today. It's hilarious.

I've only checked the RSS 2x today. I really like putting my favorite author blogs on there, where they don't blog every day (like me, I know!). I read Meg Cabot's, Julia Buckley's, Barry Eisler, Jenny Levine's Shifted Librarian, and a cooking one called Cookie Madness all this morning. I also keep up with my friend Sarah's blogs there too to find out what she is reading and creating. Oh yeah, then I did do some news. The CNN one is pretty busy, so I clearly need to check that several times a day - on work time, too, as this is a work course!

I have to put in a cookbook here. Last week during Ace of Cakes, a great Food Network show about a crazy baker and his staff, the head Chef , Duff, heated beans on his car engine while delivering a cake. It reminded me of this book. I'm not sure I want to try any of these recipes on my car engine, as I have enough trouble with the regular old oven, but it is pretty funny.


Joe said...

Have you requested Sally's Real Estate Venture through interlibrary loan? The title alone suggests an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!

Amy said...

I can get Sally's Real Estate Venture for you, Joe. I already have "Nancy Runs the Bookmobile" on order, and plan to get "No Pattern for Love" about a fashion designer too.