Thursday, October 18, 2007

MP3 Cookbooks?

In the past month, my library has hosted many great authors like John Green and Anne Ylvisaker. Then everyone in my household got sick, which is still going on! But that is no real excuse. The baking bug has returned; so get ready to see some new treats on here soon.

First, though, I have to comment that I finished the technology training for work. I downloaded The Enemy by Lee Child on to my new MP3 player. It is actually going to my Dad, who is thrilled. I had to wait to check it out as it was already 'out' for someone else. I love the downloading audio files process. I had help from a coworker, but it was easy enough and I will soon be doing it regularly. What a fun 2.0 program - all staff who finished got an MP3 player.

I also really like Lee Child. I am going to see him live at a conference in February, too!

I've been reading a lot as I've been home. I have been reading Madeline Wickham as I just learned she is also Sophie Kinsella, who I adore. It's time for another Crimespree article too so we all know that means that I have a ton of teen mysteries on my nightstand! I just learned that at Bouchercon this year they ELIMINATED the YA category as there were 'not enough good titles'. BUT- the good news is that I've already been contacted about next year, and am helping with a list of titles. YEAH!

Check out if you want to see a picture of me and my son. Terry is my wonderful agent, and is promoting his clients right now. I'm working on my second YA mystery now too, and am knee deep in DUI penalties for Illinois. Thanks to my police friend and great author Michael Black, I have the latest info. on that.

I posted these cookbook covers to let readers know that yes, there are cookbooks weirder than mine out there. I don't know if I want to make anything from these, but they are pretty funny!


Kathleen said...

I like Lee Child too. Thank you for participating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I've missed your latest cooking endeavors; so glad you're back to experimenting, though I'm sorry so many of your family members have been sick. Be well--and good Fall Exec meeting. Pam

Virtual Chef said...

Hi Amy, love your blog. See you soon!