Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Meals and How to Prepare Them

This is not a topic folks usually come to me for, but rather the title of a wonderful 1927 cookbook a friend gave me as a thank you. It is from the 'Good Housekeeping Institute'.

This volume has enough in it for me for several postings, but I thought I would start with some suggested menus. There is a big section of menus, and this is from the part for 'mothers with babies and young children'. That's me.

Breakfast: Orange Juice, Hominy Grits (scarce in Chicago), Cream, Toast, Coffee, Milk. Now, does my 5 year old drink the coffee?
Luncheon: Scrambled Eggs, Lettuce and Peanut Butter Sandwiches on Whole Wheat Bread, Milk, Apple Sauce. Lettuce and PB?
Dinner: Fish with Potato Stuffing and Tomato Sauce, String-Beans, Bananas Baked in Skin, Tea, Milk
So many intriguing things here. Is that any fish? Goldfish? Baked in Skin? I wonder how that would microwave.

My son is on an egg kick right now and I do make scrambled some days for lunch, though. I also make fried, sunny side up and more. I need new ideas for that. Where could I find egg recipes? I actually think somewhere I have a pamphlet cookbook devoted only to eggs. More on that soon.

I'm reading a bunch of teen books for reviews, but I can't wait for Shannon Greenland's new Native Tongue to come out, from her Specialist series. I ordered the rest of the series for my niece for her birthday, and Shannon even sent me a signed cover. I met her at a mystery conference a couple years ago and am so excited to see her writing career taking off.

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Shannon Greenland said...

Hi Amy!

I need to come eat breakfast at your house!