Saturday, February 21, 2009

Party Loaf variations

I was scanning the 1958 Good Housekeeping Breads and Sandwiches again and realized I missed the suggested variations for yesterday's 'Party Sandwich Loaf'. OK - at what kind of party would you want to serve that one, anyway? A wake?

Here are some substitute filling combos to try:
Tuna, salmon or lobster salad
Eggs and stuffed olives
Canned deviled ham
Jar of Blue-cheese spread
Get this - those are supposed to be served together - each on one layer of the sandwich loaf! Why on earth did anyone invent deviled ham anyway? And the Blue-cheese spread comments I'm thinking of could fill another blog post.

But wait - there's more:
"Or try this combination":
Chicken salad
Cream cheese and chopped ripe olives (as opposed to stale ones?)
Grated carrot and cabbage, mayonnaise (What do you do with the mayonnaise?)
Canned deviled tongue or ham
Deviled tongue - the delicacy everyone eats at classy parties. Did they not have caviar in the 50's? I suppose I should be grateful, or I'd find caviar/prune recipes...

One more variation: "Dessert Sandwich Loaf"
Make the party loaf with sweet fillings.
Date-Nut Filling: Mix 1 7 1/4 oz. pkg. pitted dates, snipped fine with scissors (excuse me?), 1/2 cup chopped nuts, 2 3-oz. pkgs cream cheese (this is in addition to the fabulous cream cheese frosting, readers), 1/3 cup light cream.
Peanut-Butter Marmalade Filling: Mix 1/2 cup peanut butter with 4 tablesp. marmalade.
Again, these are to be spread on alternate loafs - so a slice of this thing would get both of those fillings TOGETHER.

I'm set to go to a breakfast this morning with Meg Cabot, Sharon Draper and IL YA authors. Heaven. I daresay we won't be having anything listed on this blog today, thankfully.

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