Friday, March 13, 2009


Here is another photo from the BHG Holiday Cook Book from yesterday. I love the cut out cheeses. The recipe I'm highlighting today is not on here; but I loved the tea set also too much to miss posting this. Plus the recipe did not have a scannable photo, just a tiny black and white.

Edible Blarneystones:

Make cupcakes from your favorite mix, according to package directions. Cool. Frost all over with fluffy instant frosting mix or Snowy 7-minute Frosting. Cover with green tinted coconut.

I think you could get a can of whipped frosting for this, but I thought it was a cute idea. Messy, but fun. Kind of like my life. It reminded me of the green snowballs from Hostess. Those are my 100% Irish Mother's favorite St. Pat's food, and I tracked some down for her this week. I blogged about those last year and that was one of my most popular posts ever. When I mentioned to a co-worker that I needed to buy some of these on my lunch hour, she came with and we ended up splitting a pack of these. Any other Snowball fans here?

I'm guest blogging today over at The Stiletto Gang, a great mystery writer site, about my fondness for Trixie Belden mysteries. The Southern half of the writing duo Evelyn David is a friend and invited me. ED did a story for Missing. The Northern half is going to guest blog on here in May when their new book comes out, Murder Takes the Cake. Check it out!


Miss Tish said...

I just found your blog - it's soooo good! I have one I just started this month and I just wrote up the Good Housekeeping Casseroles book YESTERDAY! Nice to see I'm not the only vintage cookbook addict.

I hope to start cooking some of these awesome recipes soon, but we're remodeling our kitchen so I'm at a disadvantage there... Anyhoo - great job on the blog!

Frugalhomekeeping said...

Thanks for the St. Paddy's Day ideas. We always have corned beef and cabbage with parsley potatoes here on that day. The green cake dessert would be a perfect ending.

Amy said...

Welcome, Miss Tish! I look forward to reading about your vintage collection too.

Yes, Frugalhomekeeper - I may have to make the green cake desserts too. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!