Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fountain Fix-Ups

I'm continuing my green theme for St. Pat's Day. This is from one of my favorite vintage cookbooks, Better Homes and Gardens' Birthdays and Family Celebrations. Inside this 1963 gem is tons of great kids' party pics, some of which I've shown here, and interesting ideas for holiday and celebration treats. Yes, that is a wicker handle.
This is a Fountain Fix-up: Minted Sundae Soda
1 10-oz. jar (about 1 cup) mint apple jelly
1/2 cup water
Lime sherbet
Vanilla ice cream
Bottled lemon-lime carbonated beverage, chilled
Combine jelly and water in saucepan. Cook and stir over low heat till jelly dissolves. Cool, then chill. Into each chilled 14 oz. glass, pour about 3 tablespoons mint-jelly syrup. Add spoonful of sherbet or ice cream; stir till melted. Add scoop of vanilla ice cream, then scoop of lime sherbet, finally another scoop of vanilla ice cream. Fill with lemon-lime carbonated beverage, pouring carefully down side of glass to save sparkle. (What?) Garnish each glass with lime slices and a mint sprig.
Note: You may make this with 2 tsp. bottled creme-de-menthe syrup in each glass, in place of mint-jelly syrup.
Amy's note: Is that supposed to be an improvement?
Now, this looks delicious. Why not just use the 7-up, lime sherbet and vanilla ice cream? I really think that nasty minted apple jelly is for color.
What green foods are delicious? Green eggs and ham? What are your favorites?

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