Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Cake

My 1968 Farm Journal Cooking for Company has great recipes, but very few pictures. That's ok, though as you can go down and look at yesterday's cute picture again! ha.

Here's their recipe for Easter Cake for Junior Cooks:
"Looks like eggs, sunny side up, on toast - a fine Easter season dessert" (because that's what we all want in an Easter dessert)

1 pkg. chocolate or spice cake mix
1 (1 lb. 14 oz) can apricot halves
whipped cream

Bake and cool cake in a greased 13X9X2" pan as directed on package.
Drain apricot halves (save and refrigerate juice to use later in a gelatin dessert, salad or in fruit drinks) (oh boy)
To serve, cut the cake in squares and place on serving plates. Place a heaping spoonful of whipped cream on each, then put a drained apricot half, cut side down on the center of the cake square. Serve at once. Makes about 9 servings.

Many thanks for the nice notes about the boys' photo and post yesterday. We went to the Brookfield Zoo, on the only nice day this week. Today we go for baby's one year shots...


Kristin said...

Amy - Been reading your blog for a few weeks now and until today didn't realize you live in my backyard! Hope you had fun at the zoo. We have a membership and go there a lot. Have a great weekend. Sorry to say I will not be trying any of your YUMMY Easter recipes!! :)

Norm Cowie said...

I think every recipe should include a warning with the calorie-count ... then again, teens don't care about stuff like that.