Friday, April 24, 2009

Scary Snowman Appetizer

One more from the GH Appetizer book. This is the Snowman Appetizer Server. I think it looks scary at best. Here is the description:
Do ahead: At the dime store (where?), buy one large and one small plastic foam ball. With several picks, fasten the 2 balls together, then add a snowman's jaunty paper hat.
Prepare Garlic Stuffed Olives, Ham Pin Wheels, Celery Brooms.
To serve: With putty (seriously?), anchor snowman to a serving tray. For eyes, with picks, attach halved stuffed olives; for teeth, cheese cubes; for buttons, a Ham Pin Wheel. Surround snowman with Garlic Stuffed Olives, Ham Pin Wheels and Celery Brooms; also crisp crackers or wafers.
Amy's note: Then call your therapist. Who thinks this is attractive or worth the time to make? My five year old could do better.
I have been doing more teen services workshops lately, and I often hear about how teens today are not respectful. How often do you encounter disrespectful adults? Lately I've encountered a rash of adult folks who think it is ok to scold me or other people, either in public, email, etc. No matter the cause, this tone is never ok. My first job was at a law firm in the Sears Tower where folks would actually yell at anyone who made a mistake, which of course was everyone. I am always thankful that I had a boss who trained me to go to folks when things were calmer and say "That was inappropriate. I'm sorry you were upset about xxx, but I don't appreciate being treated that way when we are both professionals." Fabulous training. It's just sad how often I have to call upon it.
What are you reading or eating this weekend?

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