Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This last in my Halloween series is from the Frightfully Fun Halloween Crafts and Cooking that I have been blogging from a few times earlier this week. While I am not sure of the taste of pears dipped in melted Almond Bark, it would be fun to try and a change of pace from Taffy Apples. This recommends 9 squares of Bark for 4 medium pears. They do need to be refrigerated after putting the bark over, too.
I could also have posted a photo of gingerbread men body parts today. I got a 12 lb. box of cookies for my holiday talks in the mail yesterday, and had a few baggies' worth of broken ones too. I will give each audience member a good one or slightly wounded, some body parts, and tell them not to discriminate.
I helped run my 1st grader's Halloween party yesterday. I sincerely hope his teachers went out for a drink after that day. I dressed Owen up in a skeleton sweatsuit and we headed out walking through the pouring rain, as I knew the school would have no parking. (It's only a couple blocks.) We made it in time for the parade, which was lovely. As always I teared up at the cute kids. My son was one of a force of Star Wars figures, and this year he choose to be Darth. The party was fairly calm, with simple snacks and a few activities. I ran the Mummy Wrap as I've done this with the teens at the library. All of the 1st graders wanted to wrap Owen, which he might have enjoyed, but I was keeping him happy with goldfish while the kids wrapped each other in front of me. I love the ones who would not remove any part of their costume to do this game, including gloves or capes. There was a Batgirl. I thought about telling her Batgirl was a librarian, but...
We came home and I enjoyed several inhalers before I sorted the party candy handouts into piles: things J can't eat, things with coconut for me to eat when he's not around, Kyle's favorites, things for J, anything O can eat. I'll do this today after trick or treating, too. I will post pictures in the upcoming days as I head into the Thankful for Recipes Thanksgiving month. I'm already lining up some wonderful guests to talk about that.
Yesterday, I sent in a mini cookbook to Kindle. It will be available for $1.99 in a few days, I believe - they can change the price. It will also be a Paypal downloadable from my site, and 1/2 of all profits will go to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry. I am hoping to have my next Alana mystery story up on both places by next week also.
What's your favorite Trick or Treat candy? I think the steroids have burned off enough for me to have an Almond Joy now...

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