Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

This NYE spread is from the 1956 Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book. The circus theme is intriguing. I wonder about the poisonous holly and berries in the little ferris wheel along with edible foods. Hopefully not too much alcohol is served here so folks wouldn't confuse those items.
The description: Carnival of snacks offers Stuffed Edam with fruit, Blue-cheese Fluff and hatful of dunkers (Is that really someone's hat?), Garlic Cheese. Dip on ferris wheel, and platter merry-go-round with Guacamole.
The lower picture is a 'Dramatic-'timely' centerpiece.' The directions refer to pottery clock hands (which I'm sure we all have in our closets) which you turn during the hours of the party to point to carnations set up on the table. There is also a suggestion to do this from the ceiling by hanging round X-mas ornaments...
I'm a bit afraid to make Resolutions this year! 2009 was such an amazing year for me and my family. New house, new school, new Church, new programs based on this blog which have been so much fun, new writing contracts, website, working for my agent, research grant, new teen volunteer group, new volunteering projects, Disney trips, taking teens to ALA, losing 16 pounds (and regaining 10 on the asthma steroids) and more. Of course then there was the 5 ER trips and asthma, and a few friends passed away which was hard. I have 7 of the 50 planned baby hats knitted as of last night. I kind of want a boring year for 2010 in some ways, though I plan to get out more proposals, do more programs, cook more healthy foods for my family and my parents, do more spiritually and actively with my family. I prefer to pick new things to do each year rather than make resolutions - learn a couple new skills each year, make new types of food.
What are your resolutions or plans?

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Barbara said...

My plans are to do at least HALF of what you do! I'm exhausted reading your list!!