Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Award and a Break From Bananas

Nancy from Waiter Waiter Percolator - the fabulous retro musings blog, nominated me for this award! Thank you Nancy! Her blog is so much fun - now she is thinking about retro style bathing suits. That works for me - the more coverage the better for me and the sensibilities of all who have to view me! For this award, I have to provide readers with 7 new facts about me, and 7 blogs I like to read. No problem.

7 Fast Facts New to Readers:

1. I hate big statues of people. I think I watched Clash of the Titans too many times when I was younger.

2. I love time management video games like Diner Dash and Farm Frenzy. Go to or and try one the next time you want to procrastinate.

3. My husband and I have done Civil War reenacting.

4. I do some freelance as an editorial assistant for a literary agent and am training to do more.

5. I collect sundae glasses.

6. My older son and I go roller skating each week. Yes, YMCA and all. Also a disco ball.

7. I have a bachelors in criminology.

Blogs I like: Now I read lots of group mystery writer blogs, and didn't list those here - I chose blogs that are fun and growing and that folks may not have yet heard of!

1. Mystery author Deb Baker is a friend and has a fun new reading blog: Powered by Books.

2. Writer Kathleen Ernst is a good friend and a wonderful writer. She loves historical things at Sites and Stories.
3. Sarah Cornish Debraski has a few fun blogs - but start with her Book one - it covers YA, adult, NF and many titles I usually then want to read. She also loves vintage cookbooks.
4. Tina at The Sunday Cook is my first library mentor and a lovely person.
5. Joanna Slan is a master scrapbook artist and mystery author.
6. Terry Burns, literary agent and excellent writer, offers tips on the business at his blog.
7. Charity is one of my first blog followers. She has a business sewing retro looking things - and they are fabulous at
Enjoy these. I have another book Rosemary Harris gave me to start blogging from tomorrow. You've been warned!


nancy said...

Hi Amy -

Gee, I was waiting to see if you could work bananas into this post! ;-)

I'm glad you're introducing the next generation to the joys of disco balls and YMCA. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!

I'm looking forward to checking out your nominees. For someone who loves books, I read shockingly few literary blogs!


Janice said...

Interesting info about you, will visit some of those blogs thanks. I love mystery books but a lot of the ones on US sites are not available in the UK :(

Thanks for the break from the banana fest!

Deb Baker said...

I really loved learning these things about you! What a diverse woman you are!

Anonymous said...

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Home Deconomics said...

Thanks for the mention! How sweet of you. And what wonderful facts about you! Fun!

Home Deconomics said...

btw, the link to Waiter Waiter Percolater goes somewhere else :P

Amy said...

Yikes! I fixed the link now - I had a typo; sorry about that. Waiter Waiter is really fun; check it out!