Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cake Toppings

This photo is also from the Good and Easy Cookbook I used yesterday. I love so many things in this picture - the cork in the Thermos, the spreads, the wedge shaped dish for the pie slices. If I saw those in an antique store, I would totally get them!
Next to this is a chart on what toppings to serve with which cake. Interesting:
Squares or Wedges of any of these:
Yellow, White, Honey Spice or Chocolate Devils Food Cakes can be topped with any of the following list:
Lemon Sauce, Vanilla Sauce, Whipped Cream, Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Ice Cream, Sweetened sliced fruit
Slices of these:
Angel Food, Sponge Cake or Chiffon Cake
are 'Delicious with any of these':
Strawberry Fluff, Lemon Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Banana Whip, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Fluff, Orange Sauce, Choco-Mint Cream, Pineapple Cream
Really - any of those last toppings sound good by themselves. Yummm.


Rosemary Harris said...

Omigosh I think I owned that thermos. How did people survive eating like that in the 50's and 60's? I just scored a stack of old cookbook/pamphlets at a tag sale. My favorite is the Banana Cookbook...let me put on my shirtwaist dress and cook nutritious meals with bananas!

Amy said...

I'm so excited that one of my all time favorite mystery authors left a comment here. Rosemary writes a wonderful gardening series - her new one, Deadhead, is coming out soon, by the way. She also collects cookie cutters.

Rosemary - I was trying to make a shirtwaist for my vintage talks but I don't think I have the right huge underwear to make that shape! I'd love to see a list of what you got, too - come guest and tell us about Deadhead and your finds, bananas and all!