Monday, January 04, 2010

Molly MacRae Monday: Advice and Diversion for the New Year

It's Molly MacRae Monday! She is getting sneakier about working prunes into her guest blog posts... - Amy

After the whirl of holiday baking and entertaining, Ms. Prune Whip took time out to relax and reflect. As a result, she offers readers a bit of advice and diversion. The advice: if you don’t invite anyone to your home taller than yourself, you can save time and stress by not dusting above eye level. The diversion: a delectable culinary crossword of Ms. Prune Whip’s own devising. Enjoy!

1. What Amy wishes to do when it comes to our friend the prune
6. What Amy wishes to avoid sinking into our friend the prune
7. Reuben's beef
8. Reuben's spear
9. Yadda yadda
12. Actress Susan
13. How Amy might refer to our friend the prune
14. Irritates
16. Type of mail
20. Our prune friends in their former lives
21. Color
23. Theme of this puzzle
28. Small buffalo
29. Be not afraid - prunes are merely ____ plums
34. Bridge ancestor
35. Merited
36. What it would be, were we to substitute prunes for cherries in Amy's pie
37. What we would do, if we did substitute prunes for cherries Amy's pie
40. House or apartment: Abbr.
41. Cajole
42. Original lexicographer of the Oxford English Dictionary
44. Thresh
45. Author of this puzzle: Ms. _____ Whip

1. Type of test
2. Cute little animal (uncertain whether Amy agrees with first adjective)
3. Alternative to de Gaulle
4. Not out
5. What Amy is not out of when it comes to the splendor of prunes
6. The World According _______
7. Caesar's sigh
10. See 13 across
11. Prefix with pool or pit
15. Capp or Gore
16. Depot: Abbr.
17. Nada
18. Scottish one
19. Common contraction
22. What one might do if one doesn't eat one's prunes
24. Amy’s Ebenezerish exclamation when confronted with prunes
25. DiFranco
26. Refusals
27. What you should do to a prune today!
29. What prune's are to my heart
30. What prunes are on Amy's plate
31. Annoys
32. Half an em
33. Run off track
34. Prepare a delicious prune dessert
37. Grayish, yellowish brown - how Amy might see prune whip, in her mind's eye
38. Red horse
39. Comic Martha
43. Reading or Long Island: Abbr.



Janice said...

Goodness what a lot of work. Personally, I love prunes, but don't hold that against me please!

Molly said...

Janice, any friend of prunes is a friend of mine.

Ms. Prune Whip