Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Almost Anything Works with Bacon

Last night our power went out when I was trying to type in this recipe. My husband said it was the recipe, but I don't know...
This is also from the 1950 500 Tasty Snacks from my friend author Catherine Stier. The caption says: "Almost anything you like can be rolled in bacon, oven or pan-broiled and served on picks." Er, ok - clearly I've been going to the wrong parties. But wait for their suggestions.
1. 8 strips bacon, slathered with 4 tablespoons peanut butter, rolled and pierced with toothpick. Then broiled until crisp.
2. Bacon spread with grated cheese and 1/4 tsp. chutney or India relish. Rolled and broiled.
3. 1/2 inch Cheddar rolled in bacon. Rolled and broiled.
4. Anchovies rolled in bacon. R and b.
5. Wrap shrimp in bacon. R and b.
6. Stuffed halved olives, put together with cheese spread, wrapped in bacon, R and b.
7. My favorite: Large cooked prunes stuffed with American cheese - wrapped in bacon, then R and b.
Wow. I hope they had a lot of alcohol at that party! Just when I think I've found the worse recipe in here.


Anne said...

Roll and broil. Sounds like a dance. There better be a whole lot of beer at any party that serves this much bacon.

Molly MacRae said...

They didn't mention chicken livers, water chestnuts, or mushroons wrapped in bacon and broiled? Classics! I thought they were mighty tasty when I was a kid. They probably still are, but one's sense of self-preservation does move on. The prunes and American cheese I hadn't heard of. Come on, though, who has prunes left over after making prune whip? Craziness!