Saturday, February 06, 2010

Filled Fruits and Vegetables

Last day of fun with the 500 Tasty Snacks, courtesy of my wonderful author friend Catherine Stier. That is, for now...
I have three Crazy About Cakes shows then a Vintage Spring Holidays in the next ten days, so I'll post some of those recipes.

Filled Fruits and Vegetables: This seems to be a list of ideas for a party tray. The picture doesn't show all, sadly. We are left to guess which is which.

Filled Beets: Marinate cooked beets overnight in French dressing. Remove centers and fill with paste made of hard-cooked eggs, dry mustard, minced sweet pickles, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise.
Celery Trunks: Fill matching stalks of celery with 1 of the fillings in this book, press together firmly. Chill. Stand upright to resemble tree trunks. (I'm not even kidding - if only that had made the picture!)
Filled Dills: Remove centers of dill pickles and fill with a mixture of snappy cheese spread and butter. (What's snappy cheese?) Or - fill pickles with liver sausage or deviled ham instead of cheese filling.
Filled Prunes: Fill cooked prunes with a mixture of cream cheese pineapple juice, and chopped nut meats.

We're having my Mom's birthday party tonight. Yes, we had my MIL's last weekend. I made a Snowball Cake (on here from a few years ago) and the two layers cooked very differently in my crazy vintage oven in this house. I had to toss one that was raw in the middle - but burnt on the edges. Next to it, the next layer cooked perfectly! One layer heart cake with pink icing and coconut on top. We're making other things too, though.

The cake vote recipes have been interesting - check it out on the left!


Janice said...

snappy cheese???? sounds scary, but not as scary as those beets lol!

Latter-Day Flapper said...

They probably just mean "sharp." You'd need a sharp, strong-tasting cheese to stand up to pickle.