Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day with Pink Meringues!

My program at the Rolling Meadows Public Library yesterday went very very well. Kyle was able to go as we got a sitter for the boys. It was fun having him in the audience. That group was really fun and had lots of memories and ideas to share. Many wore red and Valentine's jewelry and were ready to celebrate.
This is from the Better Homes and Gardens 1959 Holiday Cook Book. It's a menu of desserts for Valentine's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, and Washington's Birthday. This is my kind of party!
Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday. I remember one year Kyle tracked down the Southern Living Cookie Jar volume - very hard to find and expensive. That was a favorite gift of all time. Some ladies like diamonds - I like old cookbooks.

We do chocolate fondue here to celebrate with the boys. If you don't have a fondue pot use the microwave and combine milk chocolate chips and 1/2 and 1/2 cream until smooth. Dip strawberries, banana, toasted coconut marshmallows, graham crackers, pound cake - anything you want.
The dessert on top of this photo is a Pink Meringue Heart with ice cream and strawberries on it. Here's how to make the Heart:
Beat 3 egg whites with 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar, and dash salt till frothy. Add 1 cup sugar, a small amount at a time, beating till stiff peaks form and sugar dissolves. Tint delicate pink. Cut heart pattern from a 4 1/2 inch square of paper. Cover baking sheet with plain paper; draw 6 hearts from pattern. Spread meringue over each heart shape, making 1/4 inch layer. With pastry tube, pipe on rim about 3/4 inch high. Bake at 275 F for 1 hour.
Go put on your red and enjoy the day!


Janice said...

So pink, so meringue!

wooden bedroom furniture said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I like the photo! And the recipe is so pink! I love it!