Saturday, March 13, 2010

Killarney Potato Balls

My wonderful friend Sarah Debraski wrote me yesterday that she found a cookbook in her basement with a St. Pat's menu, including Killarney Potato Balls. She is so great - she sent me 4 photos/scans: recipe (click on recipe for bigger view), cover, photo of potato balls, and menu. Leprechaun soup, eh? Actually, these potato balls sound ok, and even look good, though that cabbage wrapped meat is a bit odd.
Last night my older son and I went to a Mom/Son park district Magic night. This was fun, though the magician went from doing innocuous book and ball tricks to suddenly putting knives through a box that held his son's head. Josh loved this, though admitted it was a bit scary. Yes, it was. Josh kept asking me if it was a date, because the folks there kept referring to it like that and playing slow dance music. Plus we all had to dress up. That was a bit odd, but the evening was really fun. We sat with one of his nice friends and his mom, plus a teen who I had to give points for staying with his mom as he wanted to learn to be a magician. Today Josh and I have to make our Lime Ribbon Delight Cake for a family St. Pat's party tomorrow. I made this last year, but will put up adjusted recipe info. and pics tomorrow.

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