Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Sandwich Loaf Fun

Another version of the Sandwich Loaf - Ahhh! And yes, it's decorated with beet slices (or tomatoes) and olives. This is from the 1933 Jelke Good Luck Oleomargarine - another from the wonderful box Ernestine sent me last week. I am a lucky lady!

While that Loaf looks a little crazy, the filling recipes are actually not so bad with this version. It does suggest that you prepare 'four tasty and colorful sandwich fillings,' and yes, that bottom one does look blue, but these might be ok.
For example:
1st layer: Chopped sweet pickles, parsley, cream cheese, and Jelke Good Luck Mayonnaise
2nd layer:  Sliced tomatoes - Jelke Mayonnaise
3rd layer: Shredded lettuce - Jelke Mayonnaise
4th layer: Chopped hard-cooked eggs, and chopped boiled haim, Jelke Mayonnaise

They also suggest to soften the cream cheese with Jelke Mayonnaise. So while there is nothing healthy in here that isn't covered in trans fats, ithe entire thing might taste ok. I'm not going to test it out, though.

Tonight I am bringing the Moon Pies, Mallomars, Snowballs and GooGoos to the Franklin Park Public Library for a talk on Nostalgia Foods. I think that is going to be really fun. I'll be talking about sandwich loaves and other trends that seem to trigger folks' memories from here, too. I put in a link here for Moon Pies - you can get them shipped to your house!

I'm home today with a sick todder, again, though. Yesterday we went through our entire Dora DVD library. I also reorganized our DVDs and put them all away. My National Library Week beginning. It was very busy at work last night too - several teens came to talk to me, and many are doing very well with their charity knitting. Especially for learning in December - one girl is on her second project!

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