Monday, July 26, 2010

Staying Cool with Ice Creams and Cool Drinks

I've blogged from this one before, the 1958 Good Housekeeping's Ice Creams and Cool Drinks, volume #17 of their pamphlet series. But it's perfect for this week. There are a variety of wonderful and weird recipes in here, but for some reason, there are a profusion of Pineapple/Mint combos. Gross. But there are also some delicious treats. While I don't understand why they are dying the coconut pink here (and yes, I know you know I love to dye things colors), this sounds pretty tasty:

Coconut-Raspberry Parfaits:
Tint flaked coconut pink:  Dissolve drop of red food color in 1 tablesp. milk; toss with about 1 cup flaked coconut till evenly colored. Spread out to dry.  In each sherbet or parfait glass, place layer of soft vanilla ice cream, then layer of thawed frozen raspberries.  Repeat till glass is full.  Top with pink coconut.

I'll bet this would work with vanilla pudding, too, or coconut - Jello has instant varieties of both.

I've moderating a panel Wednesday at the Romance Writers of America conference with Simone Elkeles, Susan Gibberman, Ally Carter and Melissa De La Cruz. I do love my work.

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