Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Sampler from Joshua: Happy Fourth of July!

This beautiful cake was made by all four of us last night for my sister's 4th party. It is a variation on Mushy Cookie Pudding - which we were requested to bring. My sister wanted me to dye it red or blue, but while everyone who reads this knows I Love food coloring, chocolate just doesn't look good with either red or blue dye.  So I put on colored sugar and in between the layers - with generous help from 2 year old Owen. Like our 4? We did a new fancy variation on this from a modern Jello cookbook my father bought me. I can't reprint the recipe as it is so new, but it has a crust made of crushed vanilla wafers, and the pudding has a little cool whip in it to hold up the layer of cookies in the middle. There is also drizzled chocolate as a layer. Oddly enough, the photo in the cookbook does not look like this.

My husband and I used to don the Civil War clothes and do a couple parades on each 4th. Yep, in the hot wool for him, and in the layers of hoops for me. It was kind of fun, though, being part of the historical festivities like that. What are you doing to celebrate today?

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