Friday, March 11, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Enchanting Feathers

This fabulous 1974 volume teaches folks to wrap feathers together to make floral arrangements. Really?
Love the shag carpeting in this photo - is that color rust or orange? My folks' house had the wrought iron railing, as did the house I live in now - except we replaced it with a wall. One of these flowers is called Viking Plumage. Those are the blue and yellow ones.  In case you want to make yourself a duster - I mean a flower, try this:
1 - 16 gauge covered stem wire
Royal Blue Short Floral Feathers
Yellow Stitched Hackie Feathers (What on earth are those?)
Moss Green Short Floral Feathers
Green Floral Tape
You are supposed to remove the stitching from some of these and wrap the others around the wire, taping it all up. I'm serious.
Kyle said he's never seen feather art. Now I remember making barrettes with ribbons, beads and feathers. I thought those were fabulous and made them in every color. Hmmmm... maybe that's next week's craft!

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