Friday, March 25, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Twinkle Podge

This 1972 gem features a form of decoupage, which is a craft that comes in and out of vogue in various forms throughout the past decades. Twinkle Podge takes napkins, cards, paper, etc. and uses a product like the modern equivalent Mod Podge to adhere in overlapping pieces to foam or another surface. The Twinkle part is from a 70's product known as Diamond Dust. I am sure there is some form of glitter or shiny coating you could use now. Though of course I don't know why you'd want to do this in these forms, especially with napkins.

 Harold Mangelsen & Sons, Inc. published this book. I was interested to find out they are still in business in Omaha. While today they have a crafts store, cafe and even antiques section, their site has some great history:
  • Harold & Berenice Mangelsen, along with their sons, Bill, Tom, David and Harold Jr., founded beginnings of our company when they opened the doors at 3457 S. 84th Street in Omaha, Nebraska on May 4, 1961. Living in the back of the store for two years, they worked as a family producing a variety store housing 11,000 square feet. 
  • Along with housewares, pet supplies, fabrics, toys and ladies clothing, the store featured a 25 seat luncheonette and a new innovation- a self- service drive in window. Drivers used the window to purchase 15 cent hamburgers, 10 cent French fries, and 5 cent coffee. 
Who knows how much of their success has to do with Twinkle Podge?

I was interested in the Kleenex box birdhouse below. that takes a 3/4" sheet of foam and cuts it into blocks to form the roof and front/back triangles. There is an entire genre of Kleenex box and toliet paper covering crafts. I have never understood that - the stuff has to go in the bathroom, and everyone knows what it is. But - either I have been looking at too many vintage books or that birdhouse is actually not too bad. Certainly it's more 'normal' than the daisy holding vintage doll.

I got this in a lot of craft books from eBay but there are copies of this one out there by itself too if you are interested.

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