Friday, April 22, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Perky Platter Trims and a Centerpiece For Your Easter Table

From Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book, 1959, here are some tips for "Perky Platter Trims" and "For Your Easter Table:"

Perky Platter Trims
Turnip Lily:  Cut two thin turnip slices; curve to shape flower.  Slip in carrot-stick for center.  Anchor with toothpicks.  Crisp lilies in ice water.  Arrange with parsley.

Deviled-egg Flowers:  Notch small end of each egg to make petal-like openings.  Remove yolks; make deviled filling.  Refill white, using pastry tube.  Slice piece off bottom if egg is wobbly.  Chill till serving time.

Cranberry Tulips:  Using a tulip cooky cutter, stamp out shapes from slices of canned jellied cranberry sauce.  Place each cranberry tulip atop a slice of canned pineapple. (Who would want to eat this?)

For the pictured table centerpiece: Graduated squares, made of narrow painted slats (joined with brads) can be interlocked as shown, or telescoped or zigzagged. Paint plastic foam eggs and string on ribbons; fasten to squares.  Slide eggs up and down to most interesting position.  Arrange flowers where squares join.

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