Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Crafting Fridays: Pies!

I loved Home Ec in 7th Grade. I aced the sewing, and developed a love for that hobby that has lasted my entire life. The cooking part, however, while fun, was harder for me. I would miss key ingredients like flour in cookies, etc. Ah, irony. But I did love to sew things with a food theme. We started Home Ec with the To-Sew pillows. Remember these?
 OK, it's a Pizza Pie, but still - very cute. I made the computer pillow complete with rope cord and felt plug in class. I think it had an alien like Space Invaders on its felt screen, too. But I also did an Ice Cream Sundae which they no longer have. These two pictured were around when I was doing this, though. I recently ordered the watermelon kit for my son and learned that they suggest gluing some of the pieces rather than hand stitching around each or using the machine as a safer option for littler crafters. Still , these are a great intro to sewing for tweens. You can still get these kits at: the link I highlighted here. What ones did you make? My sister made the hamburger, and my brother made the shark. I remember we hid that around the house - I would find it in my bathtub, etc. After I finished my pillows I got to make an extra credit stuffed animal or two. I made a fur soccer ball and then a gingerbread man. It started then... 

But I found someone on Etsy who makes really really cute pie pillows out of felt. I was looking at these while working on my Pie Party show a few months ago, and my husband walked by and said "No." It may be that I was figuring which couch would match them, but really, how could he be sure?

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