Thursday, June 02, 2011

More Recipes From Marie: Tips for Sunburn and Broth for the Sick

These are, I think, pretty readable. I love the plantain leaves tip but am not sure it works to help tetanus as described in the second paragraph. Also I don't know where plantain leaves are in Illinois, but I'm no plant expert.

I think also you could buy some chicken soup rather than boil 'a whole chicken' when you are sick.

These are fabulous - I owe my librarian friend Marie for sending these along.

Do you have old tips and home remedies from your family?

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Kathleen said...

The plantain referenced here is not the tropical cousin of the banana, but a weed (probably Plantago major) with wide, leathery oval leaves. It's native to Eurasia but widely naturalized in North America. It turns up a lot in lawns and gardens in the Midwest.

Plantain has long been used in wound dressings and other medicinal applications. It seems to be an effective coagulant. I doubt it would do a thing for tetanus.