Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Much of Marriage"

Here's a quotation from the back pages of the 18th Pillsbury Bake-Off winning recipes booklet:

Much of marriage happens in a kitchen

Candlelight remembered...That little restaurant...His laughable attempts to duplicate a secret sauce...Reminiscences of first meetings. There's romance in a kitchen and it's a wise gal who pursues it through the countless "discoveries" and remembered in America's foremost culinary collection...The Pillsbury Family Cookbook

Well, actually I don't think I need to say anything about this one. I'll just be a wise gal. However I do have that cookbook somewhere and perhaps there was something in it that I missed when I read it previously.

Last weekend I posted a question about the strange purple sauce on the cover of a cookbook. My librarian friend Kim from Kansas thinks this is grape jelly that she used to enjoy with little smoked sausages. She said this is delicious. Now Kim is a wonderful cook, but I don't think I'm this brave. However I did eat those meatballs, so who knows?

Moving on.

I had some blueberries in the freezer and there is nothing better than taking a nice healthy fruit and loading it up with fat and sugar in a nice muffin.

I went back to The Muffin Lady cookbook by Linda Fisher and made some chocolate chip and some blueberry. You can see how high these rise. My preschooler son is really learning how to sift. I might need to find pans for jumbo muffins.

I'm going to try a recipe from the same Bake Off booklet. I had a hard time deciding between the Sausage Wheel or the Tijuana Hash. Now if my teens were reading this, I'd be unable to even refer to that second one, but here I'm sure it's ok. Here's a picture of the Wheel, and it's oddly cropped like this in the booklet, too.

You can find the recipe at They have all the old Bake-Off recipes.

Speaking of the Bake-Off, the 2006 winner has a fabulous blog herself called Cookie Madness

Her winning recipe was a great chicken/stuffing dish that used Pillsbury waffle sticks. Very creative.

I did not have much time to read this week as I had to write and perform a teen mystery dinner, but I'm in the middle of the adult mystery G.A. McKevett's Corpse Suzette and the teen book Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton. The first is a great cozy series about a PI from California who loves to bake and shop at Victoria's Secret and the latter seems to be a cross between the Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter.

You'll all be relieved that I took out a book on how to do some HTML for fancy things like links. More soon!

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