Monday, July 24, 2006

Sausage Wheel...Sort of

Yes, my version of the Sausage Wheel is a thing of beauty. A few little differences you may notice. 1. I got patties instead of links and didn't want to waste them. 2. Spiced apple rings are not available in the summer in suburban grocery stores. Instead, I bought:

I needed the syrup for the recipe, so I figured this would be ok. So there are apple chunks in there, in between layers of batter and sausage patties. (look closely around the center patty)

Result? My son, husband and I all liked this, despite how it looks. It was like apple pancakes with sausage and syrup. It was just a lot of work.

I realized that I put Baking powder instead of soda into the peanut bars earlier today. Oh well, can 1/2 teaspoon really make that much of a difference?

I watched Final Fantasy VII with my anime club of totally dedicated teens tonight and tried to follow along with all their inside jokes. I'm going to have to view that again to keep up, I think. It did have beautiful graphics, though.

I figured out how to make the comments easier here so non members can write in about how fabulous my sausage wheel turned out...

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Anonymous said...

Ohh. 'Yummm"
I don't know Amy, I can't stop laughing enough to even type. It's very round though. No seriously, we all know it doesn't have to "Look Good" to taste good. But serioulsy, I can't stop laughing. kp