Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Peppermint Candy

The first cookies are some of the new cookie press shapes I got from my latest antiquing binge. My son, who is a beautiful mixed-race child, insisted that we make 'brown boy cookies like him.' So we did. The boy shape is a bit odd, though from the press, my husband said they looked like someone who jumped flat down on to pavement. Happy Holidays, indeed. Those are just melted chocolate chips added to the spritz recipe, by the way.

The second photo is Microwave Christmas Peppermint Candy. I have no idea where I found this recipe, but it's easy and delicious. I had to put these in the freezer, but ended up eating some later anyway.
1 lb. white chocolate (I use bark)
1/2 c. crushed candy canes (or about 8 regular sized ones)
1 1/2 c. coconut

Cut white chocolate into chunks and put in dish. (I didn't do this.) Cover and microwave on medium 5 - 6 minutes. (Again, I blew this off and zapped at full power for a minute - check your bark label.) Stir in crushed candy canes and coconut. Drop by teaspoon into mouth, er, onto waxed paper.

I have done this with mint chips instead of candy canes and dyed them green for St. Pat's.

I read Julie Garwood's Shadow Dancer (title may be off, you know me) then reread her entire FBI series again. These are fun - if you like Coulter, you'll like these. The latest one here is the best. I wonder why so many authors move back and forth from historical romance to FBI titles. Ah well, I don't understand how S.E. Hinton can do picture books now either.

Forever in Blue was lovely. I really hate to see that series end, but she made it pretty clear in there that it's over. We'll see.

I had my TAB holiday party this evening. We had a pinata for the Feast of Guadalupe (never again, I mean it this time!) , fondue, candymaking in the molds, crafts, DDR and Guitar Hero. We also knotted polar fleece blankets for area shelters. It kept 5 staff members busy.

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