Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Where in the WORLD was Amy? Can anyone guess?

On the drive down, we stopped at many antique malls and I found lots of great Southern cookbooks. Then I found one of my all-time wish-list books: the Better Homes and Gardens 'Birthdays and Family Celebrations' book from 1963. It is filled with corny party ideas, like a 'weights and measures shower' for a bride. (tape measures, thermometers, food scales)

At the moment I don't want to see any scales of any kind. After 9 days of vacation food, lots of it Southern, I don't think I'll fit into the suits I need to wear at a conference next week. I need those suits only about 4 times a year...

OK, so here's the picture for the teen New Year's Party from this book. I wanted to include it for a few reasons: 1. The plaid jacket. 2. They look so happy their punch must have been spiked. 3. A co-worker had a NY party for her teen son and his friends, but she served chips, pizza and cookies rather than a burger and sundae bar. No one wore plaid jackets, either. 4. No bar of any kind would look that neat at a party for teens, or adults either for that matter!

More to come from this book - I'll have to scan in the fabulous doll dining photos. Nothing says weird like a two page spread of dolls at a banquet table. Doll cooking photos must have been big inthe 60's. I suppose the model fee is low.

I just read Plum Lovin' - the Valentine's Evanovich title last night. It's frothy fun as usual and can be finished in one hour or two if you are watching A Toy Story at the same time.

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