Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best 50

A few weeks ago in Seattle, I purchased the Best 50 Brownies and Blondies, and was intrigued by the list of other titles in 'The Best 50' series on the back. I definitely wanted some, as some are truly weird, but figured they were a West Coast thing. I've never seen them around here.
Then - this week I was sent two packages of cookbooks from friends. The first is a Campbell Soup one from my writer friend Anne Ylvisaker that is fabulous. Read her book Dear Papa if you haven't already. I can't wait to try Porcupine Meatballs from the cookbook. (no porcupine meat, don't worry). There is also a calendar in the back of soups to serve for holidays and how to dress them up.
The second was a box from my friend Pam, and it came from the East coast. It is a treasure trove indeed, but I was thrilled to find the Best 50 Chocolate Recipes in there. The Brownies is from 2000, the Chocolate from 2005. Both have different books listed on the back. So now I'll be looking for these gems. I'll be trying some of these recipes soon. Also, I would guess that you would have to sample all 50 to determine if they are indeed the Best 50. It's a tough job, but...
Here are other ones in the series that no one should likely be without: Bar Shots (Drink 50 Best at once?), Bruschetta Recipes, Flavored Oils and Vinegars (sounds faintly like something to be sold at an adult store) (Yes, I've been hitting the romantic suspense again - it's Valentine's Day, ok?) , Olive Recipes, Holiday Party Drinks, and more.
My friend Cindy wrote me this week to tell me that she actually used to receive the Southern Living Southern Heritage books I have been scouring the country for at her HOME each month in the early 80's. My excitement at receiving my packages this week tells me that the arrangement she enjoyed would be close to nirvana. I suppose I do buy enough and forget some of them so that I could actually have my husband mail me some periodically and it would have the same effect.
I just read Meg Cabot's Size 14 Isn't Fat Either. It's her mystery series. I hear she's doing graphic novels now too. Does she sleep? This book is pretty fun. I had an intense mystery conference last weekend that left me hoarse all week but happy. More on the results of that event to come - great people, good writing news, good books. Plus new old cookbooks this week from friends. I guess I'm approaching nirvana as it is.

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