Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mess O'Smores

I had a craving for S'mores recently. Sadly, we did not have chocolate bars, graham crackers, or plain marshmallows. Also, I have no fireplace. So, I crunched up some ice cream cones, melted some chocolate bark, and put some strawberry marshmallows on top in a casserole dish. Then I put it in the microwave. I could be wrong, but I don't think marshmallows were intended to go in the microwave. It seems odd that they were puffing up bigger and bigger. No matter, I just stopped heating them. We did eat them quickly as the concoction was quickly hardening into a sticky taffy like substance. I wouldn't reccommend this one for trial at home, but I won't be craving s'mores for a long time, I think.

I just finished Kate FForde's Bidding for Love - much better than title indicates. Her light, zany English countryside romances are great escape when you and your preschooler both have ear infections!

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