Monday, May 21, 2007

Parties for Children

This 1963 gem of a cookbook is filled with party themes, recipes and crafts for children. I pulled it out as I just had my son's party over the weekend, for 40 relatives and friends. Now, I got catered food from an Italian grocery store, cakes for him and other relatives celebrating from Target, and a big bouncy house for the yard. The author of this book would keel over if they are not dead already! But - fun was had by all. Many happy kids left clutching Cars themed goody bags, while the adults left with plates of leftovers and/or cake. My husband, who turns 40, played his Guitar Hero game all day yesterday. (I'm still better at it, having had to play against teens for the past year at work...)
For "Fourth of July Party" recipes include:
Pink Eggs "These are traditional for a Fourth of July picnic, say some old-timers." (Who? What state?)
Shell hard-cooked eggs. Place in a bowl with juice drained from a jar of pickled beets. Chill eggs, turning occasionally, until pink on all sides. Remove from beet juice and dry with paper toweling. Serve eggs chilled with salt and pepper. For tart relish, serve the pickled beets.
Gross. Do you think Seuss was inspired by something similar? What would turn them green? Pickle juice?
I had to include this one:
Brownie S'Mores (the cravings continue...)
Prepare our fudge brownie mix as directed on the package, except - bake in a jelly roll pan, for 15 minutes. When cool, cut into 48 pieces. At picnic, place two 1" squares of milk chocolate candy on 24 brownies. Toast 24 marshmallows over hot coals. Slip toasted marshmallow onto chocolate-topped brownie; cover with a plain brownie.
Seems like a waste of good brownies. I would just buy the chocolate graham crackers. In fact maybe I'll try that this week.
I attended a Mystery Writers of America Midwest event yesterday at the fabulous Centuries and Sleuths bookstore in Forest Park, IL, and heard Ursula Bielski speak about her writings on ghost folklore of Chicago. It was fascinating. I used to be very skeptical of this kind of thing, until I've encountered both of my passed away Grandmothers on occasion in some forms. I don't know why I'm surprised that these strong Italian and Irish women continue to give advice but I do love them, so it's nice if weird to have the occasional message...
Also, my husband has had some weird happenings at Civil War battlefields. He won't even discuss them!
Some of my favorite mysteries are by Victoria Laurie, the Psychic Eye series.
Can you imagine what the deceased owners of my cookbooks think of my efforts? Just as well I'm not getting those messages...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I should have known that you'd find a recipe that had marshmallows in it somewhere. Must agree that the brownie s'mores don't sound terrific, but then the recipe didn't call for those strawberry marshmallows, so that might have been the missing ingredient.

Thanks for blogging--your missives always brighten my day. And the birthday party sounded like great fun!