Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lucious Dirt Cake

The snow's almost gone, but I've been sick all week. On Tuesday, I read 4 books while the boys were at work and school. One was Carole Matthew's Chocolate Lovers Club or whatever her new one is called. I can't remember the name because I returned it after reading as it had so many chocolate references I wanted to eat it. Read more about what I did this week at I was invited to guest blog for Evelyn David, a fabulous writing duo who wrote Murder Off the Books.
There were many other food references in the books I read, so by Wednesday afternoon I needed chocolate cake. Badly. In the Ratatouille cookbook there is a dirt cake complete with 2 baked cakes and plastic rat. Ick. Instead my son and I did our own version. Josh had a great job crunching up graham crackers and putting gummy worms on the chocolate cake mix. By the way, I made several types of bars for events over the last two weeks, with my trusty cake mix enhanced recipe. Thanks to my friend Kim's tip, I used Betty Crocker Butter cake mix, chocolate. Then I added Carmel chips, brown sugar, eggs, water. Those were amazing. You can find the exact measurements by Valentine's Day last year when I made the recipe with red velvet mix and white chocolate chips.
The dirt cake used the BC butter cake mix too. YUM.
Now it's Crimespree time again, and I'm not referring to the teen lockin I have this evening. I have to read 6-7 teen mysteries for my column in there. I may be doing another column for them on romantic suspense now too, so I'll be doing the deadline panic more often!

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