Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a big holiday in my family. My Mother's parents came over from Ireland, and we always do a lot of celebrating. Curiously, my Mom's favorite St. Pat's food is the green Hostess snowball, also known as Lucky Puffs.
I discovered that after eating a couple of those, lots of soda bread, corned beef, potatoes, and Bakers Square new mint brownie pie, that my weight is not so lucky.... I had lost over 10 pounds since Jan., and now have regained a few of those.
Plus now I have Easter foods to contend with. At the top of my favorites are the Hershey's Coconut Kisses - Mmmmm!
Oh well. My little leprechaun and I are dressed all in green today with my green jewelry on.
This morning I sorted my books: the pile to read and review by this weekend for deadlines. The pile I want to read soon. The pile to bring on a trip next week. The pile to read after the soon pile is done. Then - I filled four big bags to donate to the library. I can almost see my clock now.
I heard Henry Kisor speak yesterday at a local MWA meeting. He writes mysteries and used to be the book editor for the Chicago Sun Times. His new book, Cache of Corpses, sounds fascinating. He is deaf, and did his presentation with a powerpoint and the help of his wife, but I could make out most of what he was saying.
Speaking of deaf folks, Dancing with the Stars begins again tonight. Marlee Matlin is dancing along with Priscilla Presley, who of course I will be voting for. We all know that ability has little to do with who goes first on that show!
Back to reading my teen mysteries...

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