Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fancy Sandwich Loafs

Because of the reactions to my party loaf posts last week I've done a bit more research into my collection. There are actually more variations to this scary thing. These are from the 1941 500 Tasty Sandwiches. There are pages of fillings suggested for these, but these photos and captions caught my fancy. The little circular cakes are cute, right? They aren't dessert cakes, readers.
"Individual round sandwich loaves, frosted and garnished look like tea cakes." I'm guessing you'd have to eat these with a fork. Anyone eaten any individual sandwich loaves?
And then there's the rectangle ones: "When cut square or oblong they still look like small individual cakes." Yes, and they are still weird.
For the last photo: After the cream cheese frosting a generous sprinkling with sieved egg yolk gives a beautiful goldenrod color. Yum, an inch of cream cheese topped with hard boiled egg.
I wonder if modern cookbooks are all that normal. What will folks in ten years think of Atkins cookbooks? Anyone have a weird modern one?

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