Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Food Photography

I have no idea what the photo is of from the Egg and Cheese... book, even though it is labeled!
The drawing is equally mystifying, though it does go with a recipe and is very funny. I don't think we'd see either in a magazine today!
Here's another gem of a recipe:
Chili-Nested Eggs
4 hard cooked eggs
3/4 tsp. onion salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 egg yolk
1 egg white
packaged dried bread crumbs
1 can bean-less chili con carne
salad oil
1. Chop eggs very fine; add onion salt, pepper, egg yolk; mix well, mashing with spoon.
2. Form egg mixture into 4 1/2 " thick patties. Beat egg white with fork till frothy; dip patties first into flour, next into egg white, then into crumbs.
3. Heat chili. (this is when I started to worry)
4. In hot oil in skillet, brown patties on both sides.
5. To serve: Spoon chili into individual casseroles; top each with 1 egg patty. Nice for luncheon, with tossed green salad, crisp crackers, tangerines to eat out-of-hand, and hot chocolate.
Um? That menu suggestion is way so specific and way too bizarre...
I continue to get great feedback from the conference. I did a search on Google blogs, then of photos - then found a photo of me - oy! It's on Julie Hyzy's blog - Julie won TWO LOVEYS at the conference, well deserved, for Dead Ringer (with Michael Black who is also fabulous) and for State of the Onion. www.juliehyzy.com I like to wear pink, and that's all I will say. Luckily she took the photo then, as I was on my way to get goodies from the tea - and there were many! In another moment I would have been balancing a platefull of fattening foods.

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