Monday, February 02, 2009

Homemade Cookies

After my Southern Living series, the Farm Journal cookbooks are my favorites. This one is from 1971, entitled "Homemade Cookies" - as opposed to? The Farm Journal have may good, easy recipes, usually in huge quantities.
I scanned this cure picture of a cookie barn, then I kid you not - the book opened by itself to a page or prune recipes.
I will spare you both the 'orange-glazed' and the 'prune cookies'. but both include prune juice, diced prunes and larger pieces. Wow.
While I love gingerbread themed anything, this barnyard seems like a lot of work. Look at the design on the roof, or the silo.
I had a family party yesterday for a birthday/Superbowl. I made a great appetizer. Take frozen meatballs, a can of cranberry jellied sauce (yes, the kind that comes out whole in the can shape), and a can of chili - throw it all in the crockpot. This was excellent, and easy.
I read Helen Osterman's Emma Winberry title from Five Star over the weekend. I met the lovely and talented Helen last year at (the conference, though, not the site.) Helen has four paintings in the Chicago Historical Society, has a masters in Nursing, and writes really well. This was a great title with a senior sleuth with lots of Chicago color. Helen is on a panel I'm moderating this weekend.

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