Sunday, February 01, 2009


Now this is a term you don't like to use related to anything in the kitchen as a general rule, but as I was reading the NYT dining section from last week (you try to read the paper with a baby around who loves rustling noises), I read about the Bacon Explosion recipe from These gentlemen wove bacon, and layered that with a ton of sausage, rolled it up and cooked it on the grill. You have to see this one.

Then I read further in the section and see a bread pudding made out of going stale jelly doughnuts. Fantastic, right? Recycling city. The first ingredient is 3 1/2 cups of heavy cream. Either of these recipes would strain the heart and waistline, but both together make the stuff of mystery novels. Then there's an article about how folks are cutting out salt. Um, not in this newspaper section.

Happy Superbowl Day. Having gone to a Big 10 University, I happen to love football, and always enjoy the ads on big S Day. When I read how high domestic violence is on this day each year, though, I am happy that no one in my house are big drinkers (unless you count bottles of formula). While I am very lucky in my husband and family members, there is no getting around the stats that indicate that 1 in ten women have been hit by a partner. Do you have 10 women friends? I wish they would run an ad each year about where women could call for help.

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Sarah said...

Amy, I read about the Bacon Explosion as well and now Paul and I are dying to make one. Ideally along with the "Monster Egg" we read about in Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany.