Friday, February 06, 2009

Stuffed Franks

Another vintage cookbook aficionado commented here about the cute drawings in these Good Housekeeping cookbooks. Here are a few from the Hamburger and Hot Dog pamphlet cookbook. Who wants to guess what the first is? It was on a page about hamburger, too. Also, what does this have to do with cooking?

The second one here is fabulous, and there are many of these in vintage cookbooks. Also, it's easier to identify...

I will finish my celebration of the weird and wonderful Hamburger and Hot Dog cookbook with a list of some of the 40 options for 'Stuffed Franks'. Cut open hot dogs and put some of these in. Obviously I've been missing a great deal by just using mustard all these years on my turkey dogs:
Fruity: (Seriously, they thought that would be appealing on a hot dog.)
Canned crushed pineapple
Applesauce, with grated cheese
Barbecue sauce with crushed pineapple
Bananas, quartered lengthwise; paprika (can't even imagine this one)
Chopped prunes! (junior food) (Amy's Note: Of course there's prunes in this list, but why is it a 'junior food')
Virginia Style: (Um, I have friends in Virginia - they don't eat like this to my knowledge.)
Orange marmalade plus mustard
Cranberry sauce or currant jelly, plus horse-radish
Sometimes, even for me, there are no words to comment on those possibilities! Anyone put anything weird on their hot dogs?


Alisa@Foodista said...

That is so cute! I just love your blog Amy! Keep em coming!

Amy said...

Thanks so much, Alisa! I have a ton of cookbooks around here, so I definitely have a lot of blogging left in me!