Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Vintage Trend Gone, Thank Goodness

Sorry for the black and white - but I'm still on the Hamburger and Hot Dogs book and the insides are largely black and white photos.
This is Frosted Meat Loaf. Another vintage trend I find is meats cooked and arranged to look like cakes. Why on earth would they do this? I have no idea. Does any reader here think this is appealing?
"When loaf is baked, pour off all juices. (I'm hungry already...ick) Thickly frost top and sides with well-seasoned, creamy mashed potatoes (add some grated cheese or snipped chives). Sprinkle with paprika. Broil until golden." Amy's note: Any kind of cheese? So if I want to sprinkle Brie on this? Or Velveeta? It would still taste good? Why not just serve the potatoes on the side?)
This particular cookbook could honestly keep me blogging daily for another three weeks at least, but I won't go that long, don't worry. There are a few I can't pass by without posting, though.
A friend mentioned that our most productive days are usually the day before attending a conference. This is likely true. At the mystery conference this weekend, I'm attending a launch for my new anthology, Missing, participating in 4 panels, possibly pitching a new book, hopefully finding folks to run several interesting summer teen events like crime scenes and swordfighting and buying books to give as prizes at the library. There are even panels on food mysteries...I hear this from fans of sci fi conventions and anime fests too, but mystery conferences have their own culture. This is going to be fun.

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Michele Scott said...

Have fun at the conference! And yes, mystery conferences do have their own culture, don't they? LOL.