Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ham Glamour

Nothing says glamour like a huge slab of ham. I know about glamour this week because I'm in a adoption fundraiser fashion show this weekend and have been busy with the spray tan, nail and toe polish, teeth whitening and expensive underwear. Probably I should have gotten a team like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality to make me over. I did not eat this Ham Glamour, however.
This is also from the Quick 'n' Easy cookbook from 1958. The recipe for this is really crazy:
To add a simple, glamorous touch to broiled fully cooked ham, spread bread rounds with soft butter or margarine; then toast in broiler while broiling ham. Arrange with cooked frozen (why frozen?) asparagus spears as pictured; then top with heated cheese sauce (pasteurized process cheese spread in jars). (That's the sauce? Really?)
Don't even get me started on the lower recipe: Jane's Veal Supreme. I can't believe someone wanted their name on that one!


Miss CherryBubbles said...

People were serious about their convenience food in the late 50s ;) But aren't those toasted bread rounds cute?

I have a 40s cookbook that suggests cutting orange peel into star shapes and attaching it to the ham with a whole clove - now that's glamour ;)

Good luck with the fashion show!

Amy said...

How funny. I wonder if they wanted us to eat the oranges. Lots of waste in these old cookbooks. How funny!