Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jellied Fruit

No, I'm not reading from a Halloween cookbook. It's still the 1958 Quick 'n' Easy Good Housekeeping. This very scary photo is the Jellied Fruit, to be accompanied by custard sauce. Only I think here it's the custard sauce with nasty jellied fruit on tip.

I'm not a big fan of jellied foods in general, and I don't think the grapes add anything visually here. The clock is kind of interesting. Next to this recipe is one for "Moonlight Cake with Strawberries." Now why didn't they photograph that one instead?

Jellied Fruit:

1 pkg. fruit-flavored gelatin

1 cup hot water

1/2 cup cold water or fruit juice

1 tablesp. lemon juice

1 12 oz. pkg. frozen raspberries, sliced strawberries or peaches

1 cup seedless grapes

Dissolve gelatin in hot water; add cold water; lemon juice ; frozen raspberries, strawberries, or peaches; and grapes. Refrigerate, stirring occasionally as block of fruit thaws and gelatin sets (I love recipes with 'block of fruit'.) about 30 min. for soft jelly, 1 hr. for firm jelly. When set, turn into serving dish or dishes. Top with Speedy Custard Sauce.

This really doesn't seem to refer to the picture, but maybe it's just me. At any rate, I wouldn't eat it from either the visual or the recipe.

I just stopped to ask my five year old if it is a good idea to bounce on my large Swiss exercise ball. He said "No, it's fun though." Can't wait until he's a teen.


Sarah said...

I thought those were olives in jellied fruit at first, which would be so revolting.

Miss CherryBubbles said...

I've noticed that vintage cookbook photos are often "unappetizing" - LOL. The Jellied Fruit photo is definitely a case in point... and rather disturbing too. Oddly enough, my grandmother was a big fan of gelatin salads - she made them often and in great variety.

Amy said...

I'll bet I can find an olive fruit salad in my collection, Sarah - it can't be weirder than prunes!

Any of those jello salads tasty, Miss Cherrybubbles? I'd love to hear about her various recipes. I made most of the recipes from the 1960's Jello my mother had when I was in high school for some strange reason and while weird, some are actually ok to eat. Perhaps this explains a lot about me!