Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not So Quick N Easy

Last one from this lovely cookbook - for now.
Cheese-O-Roni Ham Slices
2 uncooked (cook-before eating) (I'd hope so) ham or smoked-picnic slices, 1/2" to 1 " thick. (Bring your own Defibrillator.)
2 tsp. prepared mustard (as opposed to?)
2 tablesp. brown sugar
1 1-lb. can macaroni with cheese sauce
Snip or slash fat edge of ham slices in several places. Arrange 1 slice on preheated broiler rack, with top of meat about 3" below heat. Turn after 5 - 10 min., place second slice beside first one. Turn both, spread with mustard and sprinkle with brown sugar.
Ok, this is normal (except for the 1" thick) so far. Hold on.
Top first slice with macaroni. Broil same time. Place second slice on top of macaroni, sandwich-fashion. Before taking ham to table, using kitchen shears, snip into servings.
And it's bizarre. But what's worse? The macaroni sandwich or using the kitchen shears? Wow.
This is certainly quick and easy, but perhaps not tasty.
Today is the fashion show. Tonight is the teen spring lock in at the library with so far 45 teens signed up. Tomorrow is my catscan. Just kidding. I do think I'll be sleeping a bit tomorrow, though.

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