Monday, April 06, 2009

Author Michele Scott: Why a Video Game?

Welcome author Michele Scott, also known as M.K. Scott! Michele has two popular mystery series out with Berkley Prime Crime, as well as a short story in the Missing anthology. She also has a new YA novel out, Zamora's Ultimate Challenge, with Echelon Press. She's also a mom of three, an equestrian, a teacher and much more. Please welcome Michele on her blog tour to celebrate the release of Zamora's!

First off I want to thank Amy for hosting “The Zamora” blog tour today. I have had a lot of fun doing the blog tour, connected with some great people and am getting the message out about the book.

If you’ve been following the tour, you already know that I have three kids and why I wrote the book in the first place. So, today I thought I would share with you why I chose a video game to be the setting where the story takes place and not a movie screen for instance. Video games have been very popular in our house since their inception. Many times I have cursed the invention and at times been grateful for it. I credit the game Zelda for helping teach my oldest child to read. He would call me in the room while playing as a four-year-old and ask me to read the screen. I finally told him he needed to learn to sound it out, and he did. At seventeen he is addicted to World of Warcraft and we have had some serious battles over the fact that I believe it to be a waste of his time. Video game addiction is becoming a serious problem in our culture, however, reading is not. To me that is sad. I do know there are children out there addicted to books, but if I had to put those kids up to what I call videttes (my sons included), I think I know who would win that poll. Therefore, when I set the book around “Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge,” video game, I was hoping at the time it would entice my sons to pick up the book and then many more books after that instead of just wanting to play games. And, thankfully it did. Sure they still love their games, but I am happy to say that all three of my kids are avid readers.

Now that the book is out into the world, it is my hope that my originally goal that I set forward for my own kids will happen across the nation. I want kids to pick the book up because the video game theme entices them. I want them to then love the book so much, and love reading that they will continue to pick up more and more books. I want to see a nation of readers! So, do yourself and your kids a favor, order a copy of “Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge,” and let imaginations soar.

On another note, I love to cook and if you read any of my adult mysteries you will find recipes and wine pairings in The Wine Lover’s Mystery series I do under my name Michele Scott. I thought it might be fun to share one of my easier, kid friendly and on the lighter side recipes.

This is the light version of Chicken Parmigiana:

4 large skinless chicken breasts
1 8 oz can of diced tomatoes or two cups freshly diced tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 jar favorite spaghetti sauce
1 clove garlic minced
1 tsp. chopped basil

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