Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

My son turned 6 today. It's odd to think that my husband and I didn't meet him until he was 3 days old. We have pictures from that day in his album and we always talk about it. Of course today I'm thinking about his birth mother too, and the unselfish choice she made to give Joshua a good life.
This is from one of my favorite books, the Better Homes and Gardens: Birthdays and Family Celebrations, from 1963.
The directions to make these are way too elaborate, but I think it could be done just with little flower pots, ice cream, then cupcakes in tinted frosting and coconut on a candy stick. I really think adults would like this more than kids as a christmas type treat.
Paula Deen made something similar to this in the holiday Iron Chef match where she and Kat Cora beat some of the Food Network men, but without ice cream. She stuck it in colored sugar, in smaller pots.
In previous years, we've taken Josh to train restaurants, to zoos, to museums, etc. on this special day. This year he goes off to Kindergarten with treats, then he wants to have lunch at the family diner we always go to with my folks. We were there Wednesday this week, too. Then he wants to go to a local cafe then mini golfing. My husband and I asked if he didn't want to go to the Field Museum and see the dinosaur, or Brookfield Zoo. No - this is what he wants. Tomorrow is his friend bowling party.
It's 6:35 AM and he's playing with one of his opened gifts in the other room. The baby is not even up yet. I think today will be fun, and I hope I have half the energy of a 6 year old to enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

Wow this brings back memories...I was born in Germany in 1963 and my family (US Army Dad and German mother + baby bro) moved to Ft Knox, Kentucky in 1966 which was a huge culture shock to all except Dad. Anyway, Mom made these flowerpots for my 4th birthday party, to which she and I wore matching yellow daisy dresses with kerchiefs....will never forget...still have the original cookbook.

Just came across your blog this evening. Thanks for the great memory, happy belated birthday to Joshua, and all the best to your family!
brigitte m.