Monday, May 11, 2009

More Lemon Meringue

I was thinking about my bad luck with meringues since yesterday's post. Here is a photo and some tips from Betty Crocker's All Time Favorites, from 1974. Notice the neon yellow color...
There's no mystery to making a perfect meringue pie. With a little care and these clues, the delicate topping will be light-as-air, high and golden brown every try.
1. Separate eggs carefully. Even a speck of yolk can hold down the peaks. It's easier to do when they're cold.
2. Wait until the egg whites come to room temperature before beating. They'll be higher and lighter.
3. Beat in the sugar gradually - and continue beating until it is completely dissolved.
4. Spread the meringue over a hot filling right to the crust all the way around.
5. Watch baking time. (for what? haha)
6. Dodge drafts (political?); a chill may make the meringue shrink.
So pretty much unless you have a commercial quality kitchen and equipment and the patience of Job, your meringues may look like mine.
Does anyone have a fool proof lemon meringue? I'll make it and take photos - see if you can send one that even I can do...
I recently learned about YA librarian and author Bridget Zinn. Bridget found out she has colon cancer in February, the same month she got an agent for her book. She is very upbeat and has a funny blog herself, but check out the auction friends put together to help her with astronomical medical bills. I myself will be offering a custom cookbook to bidders and a signed copy of Missing soon - I'll post that when it goes live, but there are plenty of other good prizes there too. Please help spread the word.

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